The company has specialized in the development and production of thermoplastic moulds, pressing and technical applications. Starting from the first idea, the process is divided in 4 phases:
  • 1. Moulds development with CAD/CAM systems for thermoplastic materials

  • 2. Moulds production

  • 3. Pressing of thermoplastic materials

  • 4. Assembly, finishing and technical applications

The company’s production methods are carried out according to ISO 9001 certification.

Our departments present:
  • PRESSING DEPARTMENT: hydraulic injection machine BOY, 3 injection machines HARBURG, 4 injection machines BM-BIRAGHI with printing microprocessor for every type of thermoplastic material.

  • FINISHING DEPARTMENT: painting machine, screenprinting, hot plating, ultrasonic welding.

For more than 55 years, the company has produced technical products, both internal and external, for different sectors, such as:
  • Televisions, wall and table clocks, extractors, illumination articles, electronic scale, conditioners, radio/telephones, cash registers, automobile/motorbike/tractors articles, general exhibitors, dispensers.

The experience gained, therefore, with regard to the aesthetic aspect and the technical reliability of finished products, is large enough to allow us to patent two particulars worldwide, as well as to make us available to expand the range of details to be produced.

Manufacturing director: Dario Fedeli

Design director: Bruno Fedeli

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